I saw my GP today and it was wonderful. I am now taking Ritalin about 2 weeks and we scheduled a review to check how I am doing. Basically it ended up with my GP and I grinning like idiots cause the Ritalin already has such a huge impact on my life.

I am happier, more emotionally stable, I can focus more, I get more work done. My brains are more quiet, basically I am making a huge progress and I still can’t believe that such a small tablet can have such a huge impact.

We talked about the pro’s and con’s, a bit about the side effect which are totally normal and in no way a real bother to me.

My blood pressure was checked and it was lower than it has ever been! Even though a side effect is that Ritalin has a negative effect on high blood pressure.

I blame me being less stressful. I still get stressed, I still worry, but no more meltdowns, panic attacks and being in an absolute frenzy when something unexpected happens or when things are not going according to plan.

We also talked about the time in between medication and after it stops working, the rebound effect. That however is not a nice feeling. It’s like having a mini depression attack twice a day. Because I know where it comes from and I know it will disappear with taking another tablet I can handle it to some extend. I literally told my doctor it now feels like I am only allowed to be the ‘good’ me at work and not at home.

I got a new prescription, enough for a month and a half and I need to come back in another month. I need to stay on my old dosis 2x a day 10 mg Ritalin and hopefully I can get a higher dosis and more tablets next month.

I want to also explain a bit about this. It might seem like I am some sort of Ritalin junkie talking about more tablets, but for me I want the maximum effect with the minimum of side effects. I still have the feeling I can get more out of it than my dosis now. I have struggled for 33 years with my funny brain, I want a bit of peace now and less struggle. People might not agree with me, but I am so grateful for this solution. I still stop and think about how my life has changed in just 2 weeks.

Thanks for reading, love Jamie